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Medical nutritional advice

Nutritional advice for medical conditions

Whether you have high cholesterol, or your sugar levels are not up to standard, I’d be happy to provide you with nutritional advice tailored to your body. My approach consists of the following steps:

During an introductory meeting, I will explain the various nutritional groups and how they can influence your medical health. You can adjust your diet based on that information.
During a second meeting, we will evaluate and analyse your eating pattern together and establish where we can adjust it if necessary. I will provide you with all required information on appropriate nutrition.
I will show you around the supermarket and teach you how to interpret food labels correctly. That way, you always know how to choose the correct food wherever you shop.
brief evaluation concludes our meetings. I’ll check your eating pattern one last time and adjust it if necessary. Four physical or online consultations will cost you € 150.00. You can also opt for individual steps only. An intake meeting of one hour costs € 60.00, while an evaluation meeting of 30 minutes costs € 30.00.

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