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Intuitive eating

Discover the concept of intuitive eating and learn to recognise your hunger signals, without solely focusing on your weight.


For people with irritable bowel syndrome, a personal FODMAP programme can do wonders for your digestive system.

Sports nutrition

Improve your athletic performance by considering which food you should consume before, during and after training and competitions.


With an extensive coaching programme, you’ll learn to exercise better, feel less stressed and you’ll manage to stop smoking.
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Diabetes educator

I assist patients with diabetes while coping with the disease and share useful tips on which food to consume during the day.
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Workshops & informative lectures

In my workshops and informative lectures on nutrition in which you can participate, I discuss its social importance.


My view as a certified dietitian & health coach

Do you feel the need for a healthier lifestyle? In that case, I, Katrien Hernalsteen, am the right person to guide you, since I’m a certified dietician and certified health coach. As a dietician, I help you improve or restore your relationship with food and optimise your diet. I provide information and tools to get started and support you during the process; you are not alone. Together, we have a look at your needs and try to meet them.

Ever since I was a child, healthy nutrition has been fascinating to me. That is why I trained as a dietician at UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) in Leuven. After completing that training, I continued my education through a Bachelor programme in Applied Health Sciences. In 2020, I graduated as a health coach.
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Intuitive eating as a philosophy

In 2021, I decided to start my own practice, where I initially focussed exclusively on individuals who wanted to lose weight. However, I did not get enough satisfaction from that. Soon after, I discovered the concept of ‘intuitive eating’. Thanks to that method, you’ll learn to listen to hunger cues and to respect your feeling of satiety.


Body positivity & sports dietician

Furthermore, I completed a master training for body positivity dieticians. I can therefore easily guide you towards a healthier lifestyle, without necessarily focusing on your weight. With the information I’ll provide you, you can easily get started at home. The important thing is that you can eat without feeling guilty.

In order to offer you an all-encompassing service, I continuously educate myself on various disciplines within the world of dieting. That means I’m also a sports dietitian; I know everything about irritable bowel syndrome and have got a postgraduate degree to become a diabetes educator.

“I don’t believe in dieting, but I do believe in durable adjustments in your regime and lifestyle.”


What can I do for you?

Are you thinking about changing your lifestyle? Feel free to schedule an appointment for the following sessions:

On top of all that, I regularly organise workshops that cover a variety of topics. Make sure to keep an eye on my website or Facebook and Instagram page so you do not miss out on any news.


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