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Did you know that, in addition to a dietician, I am a qualified health coach? During the extensive coaching programme, I support you in achieving your health goals and changing your (eating) behaviour.
For example, I can help you exercise more, feel less stressedsleep better, and even help you quit smoking.

At times when you experience less motivation, I’ll provide the necessary boost using specialised conversation techniques. Together, we will go through the following step-by-step plan:


In order for your coaching programme to run smoothly, a good link between you and me is very important. That is why I listen to your wishes and expectations during an introductory meeting. Below, you’ll learn more about my approach.

During a coaching session, you are the central focus at all times. Thanks to my motivation techniques, I encourage you to become the best version of yourself and provide you with direction. I tailor to your specific needs.
Both during and after the programme, I evaluate your progress and determine if you have achieved your goals. Together, you and I will analyse whether or not I can adjust your programme.
After your programme is completed, I will conduct two additional sessions to follow up on your progress. You can schedule those yourself, but it is best to do so no more than six months after the end of the programme. Together, we will examine whether you are still experiencing any difficulties and whether you have resumed your old habits or not.
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An online or physical coaching programme costs € 350.00. The coaching includes eight 30-minute sessions and two additional follow-up sessions. You decide how often you schedule those moments.
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